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Methodology – Practice as Research or Practice Research

Current Practice as Research Projects – leading to theatre productions and/or publications.

Black Feminist (Re)Memorials – Staging Black Female Protagonists’ memories – from the past to the present – oppression and liberatory acts - 


The restaging of the past as present moments/happenings.


New Black Plays Series


Women’s Digital Mask Project

Radical Inclusion  - Installation

Critical Scholarly Investigations with the Pan-African Theatre Ensemble:

·         Audience Reception Theory and Audience Engagement – How to decode stereotypes and iterative representations in gendered and racialized vocabularies – Qualitative Data

·         Social Justice – Interest in representations of race, gender, sexuality, sexual violence, and how these issues affect women of color, multiple oppression, and in creating liberation on stage

·         Cultural Activism – Curating (Pan)Black theatre – Pan-African and African Diasporic works reflecting theatres from the continent of Africa and the African Diaspora.

·         Theatre Pedagogy - Developing theatre pedagogy for deeper reflective character analyses and embodiment.

·         Community – Developing leadership training and role-playing for women-of-color from the community and providing access to theatre, digital media and interaction with STEAM in theatre arts and technology.

·         Exposé – Unearthing human experience, suffering and resolve, and exploring how theatre and performance reflect, empower, and heal communities.

·         Images – How do images – embodied, moving, and still - impact various performers and audiences?

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